Richard Munoz

"We have been helping businesses grow for over 40 years. Our expertise doesn't just cover our core services, but also who you can trust to give you sound advice on all aspects of your business."

- Richard Muñoz MAAT FCCA

Our Services

WGN believes that no matter the size of your business, you need sound advice from experienced and professional business advisors. We provide a full range of accountancy services and advice that will give you peace of mind while growing your business. We focus on your business and your success. After all your success is our success.

– If your business needs the advice and support of an experienced finance director, without the cost of having to employ an individual, we offer finance director services. We understand the financial constraints that affect many small and medium businesses so you can pay for our time as needed: a day a week, a month or more!

As your business grows and develops you may need the services of a non-executive director, especially if you want to list on the Stock Exchange. Our founder Colin has many years experience working with businesses in this capacity. If you’re in need of Non-executive Director services then please get in touch for an initial consultation.

  • One-stop-shop for your funding needs.
    Online platform that covers the whole finance market (debt and equity) and finds the appropriate lenders for your funding needs
  • One application – 120+ lenders.
    One finance application with access to multiple lenders
  • Save time and hassle.
    It only takes 10 minutes to fill in the funding application plus we narrow down the choices so you can focus on those lenders most relevant to you
  • Designed with SMEs in mind.
    Access to finance made easy with a list of appropriate lenders within 24 hours
  • No robots here.
    We value human interactions and are here to assist you every step of the way

Many of our clients want someone with experience to talk to about their business and get the business advice that they need. A phrase that we hear over and over again is: “It’s great just to be able to talk about my business.” Colin Glass and Jeremy Wilson are mentors to a number of businesses, from start-ups to established SME’s. They can give you the business coaching and advice to ensure that you’re planning for success.

Running a business is a real challenge and understanding your finances is key to any successful business. With our Management Accounts service, we can help you to develop a standard format; we can prepare your accounts for you or give you the tools to prepare them yourself.

We understand that running a business has many demands on your time. Putting an appropriate system in place for your management accounts means that you can save time and concentrate on running your business.

If management accounts show where your business has been then your business forecast will show you where your business is heading. In combination with raising finance, business cash flow forecast is one of the main areas that we offer advice on. Helping organisations articulate their business ideas and capture them as a set of numbers is a real challenge and one we relish!

To provide great business advice we also need to be great accountants. Statutory compliance in accounts is where UK Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships must submit their accounts to Companies House.

Understanding the rules and regulations and what figures need to be presented and when can be a real problem for a business. We know how to prepare statutory accounts, which forms are needed for creating companies and the relevant deadlines for organisations to meet their legal responsibilities.

Taxation is the most difficult area for businesses to get right. There are three main areas of business taxation that affect businesses and their owners; corporation tax, income tax and VAT.

Tax compliance is about keeping your business safe and making the most effective choices in how to pay tax both now and in the future. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping business owners to make those difficult choices.

Other Services

Other Services Over the years WGN has made contacts across many industries relevant for businesses. We can recommend companies that offer the same sound advice and work ethic that we do. Get in touch with us for more information on the following services.

Pension schemes are still one of the most effective ways to reduce your personal tax bill and yet they are frequently forgotten about or avoided. We understand why this is the case and to ensure that you have understood your options we recommend speaking to an Independent Financial Advisor.

Like pensions, planning for your long-term financial future is an area that both companies and individuals often neglect. We’re not allowed to give investment advice but an Independent Financial Advisor will guide you through the decisions you can take now to better plan for your future.

We’ve come across many businesses over the years that have had inadequate insurance. Our mantra is hope for the best and plan for the worst. With the help of an advisor, whether medical, death, general company or specialist professional indemnity, you can get the insurance advice you require.

Bookkeeping is the key to understanding the state your business is in on a regular basis. We work in close partnership with many bookkeepers to offer bookkeeping services. The best are a cross between your mum (supportive, caring and keen to see you presented well) and the taxman!

Payroll is an area that gets more complex every year. We tend to offer payroll services for smaller organisations but refer larger, more complex work to payroll service providers that have the teams in place to deal with the administration involved.

Whilst we can’t help you find, purchase or sell a property; we know lots of people who can. Some are even our clients.

If you want help with tax issues such as R&D tax credits, VAT investigations or international tax, you will need expert advice from somebody who spends their days working in these very specific complex areas.

If you’re in the market for a company to buy or are looking to sell up your business, the corporate finance teams that we know will be able to help. They can also help with valuations for larger companies and any larger due diligence exercises.

We often get asked by clients to draw up shareholder agreements, employment contracts, wills or loan agreements. In all cases like this, we suggest seeking legal advice from a qualified lawyer that can ensure the documents you require are legally robust and applicable to your business.

Whenever you employ people, there will come a time when you need human resources advice for a particular topic. We can recommend the kind of help that you will need.

Every business needs a bank to fulfil day-to-day responsibilities. There are lots of supportive, interested banks around and we can help you find the one that meets your business needs.

If you want corporate recovery help for when it’s all gone wrong, we can point you in the right direction.